Next to our highly technologized manufacturing process, quality management represents a key element for our company’s activity and our specialized quality management team supervises thoroughly each production step. Last but not least, besides economical goals and objectives we stress a lot upon environmental protection and prevention of pollution.

Each stich matters! The execution quality within our stitching department is thoroughly checked; our highly trained specialists work on a wide range of machines, provided by top producers.

While being the key element for our products, the leather is also a most pretentious production material, thus it is meticulously examined before being selected for production.

To prevent standstills during production, our company owns an extensive premium quality leather stock, hence we can provide short delivery terms to our customers.


We perform quality checks all along the production course.  Each product undergoes a comprehensive examination on functionality and aspect before packing.


We use an extended amount of devices, mechanisms and gadgets on our products, most of which are being produced by another company of our group, Top Design, the rest of them being purchased from the market’s most renowned producers.

The wide range of mechanisms and devices we use together with our highly qualified human resource facilitate our ability to provide highly customised products.


Our own stock of leather assures reliable workflows and the possibility to comply with large orders on firm deadlines. Furthermore, the premium quality of the leather and the extensive assortment of colours and textures we have in stock ensure a high-end and rich offer.

The various types of polyurethane foam utilised within the fabrication process ensure that our products meet the highest quality and comfort standards. We use mainly intermediates made of foam injected on a metal frame, produced within our group.

The intermediate systems and  elements used in the manufacturing process are purchased from specialized suppliers from the European market. For a guaranteed quality and a double check, most of our stainless steel elements and subassemblies are manufactured ‘in-house’ by SC Top Design SRL, which is part of our group.


Our stitching department can cover the entire range of operations needed, so that our products comply with the strictest market conditions in terms of quality, looks and comfort, which is possible due to the massive equipment of the production process with industrial machines, provided by top companies on the dedicated market.

The technologies that exist in the factory allow us to manufacture mass products in an efficient way, environmentally friendly and accountable, without affecting the quality of the products.

For an efficient control, as well as for a greater accuracy of the material calculations, we have introduced in our production process an automated machine that measures leather.

As the quality of our products is very important to us, we are very interested in a continuous and sustainable training of the human resource of the company and we constantly invest in developing our staff through specialized trainings.


The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application customized together with the SAP consultants, particularly for the production flow in our group, offers management, control and coordination support for the various structures, process and flows within the company, in order to optimize the planning, organization and not lastly the GUARANTEED delivery terms.



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